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Starter Guide


We are so excited for you to learn about science with us! We know you are going to enjoy our simulations. So how do you get started?

  1. You will register to get a download link.
  2. You will click a link to download Sigma labs application.
  3. Launch the simulation and log in or register for access.
  4. After registration, launch your simulation and begin playing! You may be asked for payment at this step.
  5. You now have unlimited access to all our features!
  6. Explore our website for more learning opportunities. There is something for everyone!

When you’re ready to enter the lab, click laboratories on your dashboard. You will start in the lobby, where you will choose which floor you want to work on. Skylar will help you with that. Once you pick a floor, explore it and determine which simulate you want to try! Here’s how a simulation works:

Step 1: Vocabulary

This section of the simulation displays new words that will be encountered in the simulation. It usually ranges between 5-7 words. The words are displayed on a screen in the lab, each word is clickable with a voice-over pronunciation.

Step 2: Discover

The discover module is the teaching module of the simulation. This is done via an animation which lasts approximately 7-10 minutes. As with the vocabulary module, the discover modules displayed on the lab display screen.

Step 3: Procedure

This module focuses on the steps required for students to successfully complete the simulation. This is practically a tutorial that details the steps to be taken during the simulation.

Step 4: Create

This module focuses on the construction of a science concept, as well as the setting of the factors to achieve the desired outcome. The core tools used in this module are:

  • drag-and-drop dashboard;
  • the lab holographic table on which the assets are assembled and reconstructed.

Step 5: Assessment

After every activity, there is an included graded quiz that assesses learners on the knowledge gained while conducting the simulation.

PLEASE NOTE: You may only access Sigma Labs simulations if your PC or Mac meets our minimum system requirements. Click here to see if your computer is compatible with our software.