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Experience Points Reimagined


What are Moxies?

Moxies are Sigma Labs Experience Points. You can earn Moxies in every simulation on Sigma Labs. This unique point system allows learners to earn Moxies as they learn and explore the lab. Moxies can be used in various ways to enhance the learning experience on the Sigma Labs platform.

How can I earn Moxies?

  • Play simulations to earn Moxies.
  • Meeting lab expectations.
  • Collaboration and teamwork.
  • Academic performance.
  • Number of academic papers published.
  • Daily entry of video journal.
  • Taking part in activities relevant to particular skills.

How can I use my Moxies?

  • Redeem items in the Sigma Labs Marketplace.
  • Level up! Each level requires a different skillset and number of Moxies to move on.
  • Gain entry to any Sigma Labs Premium Event by paying with Moxies.
  • Use Lumi Chat to gift Moxies to your friends.
  • Use Moxies to personalize your avatar. Customization options are purchased using Moxies.