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About Sigma Labs


What is Sigma Phi Labs?

Sigma Phi Labs is an interactive platform for learners. Our platform allows the exploration of interactive simulations based on mathematical algorithms. We encourage learners to be observers through inquiry-based investigations of real-life phenomena. Students compare scenarios and analyze data, strengthening their observational skills. Sigma Phi Labs also integrates gamification elements such as immersive 3D environments, storytelling, and a scoring system that stimulates learners' natural curiosity. Learners will make connections between science and the real world. Contact us today to find out how you can motivate your learner to get excited about science.

Our Mission

To jumpstart learners' curiosity by motivating them to explore real-world phenomena through the magical lens of science. We provide immersive, inquiry-based simulations of scientific processes which improve learning outcomes through increased learner engagement.

Our Vision

To enable every learner to explore scientific concepts and complete laboratory experiments without setting foot in a science laboratory.

Benefits of a Sigma Phi Labs STEAM Education

STEAM education provides so many benefits for young students. A few examples are:

● Encourages thoughtful risk-taking
● Engage in meaningful learning activities
● Become resilient problem solvers
● Embrace and appreciate collaboration
● Has children work through the creative process
● Inspires creativity
● Engages all types of learners

● Peer interaction through activities
● Encourages an appreciation for the arts
● Helps prepare kids for elementary school
● Develops critical approaches to learning and thinking
● Increases love for learning
● Introduces various avenues of learning