These scientists are the cream of the crop! They have worked their way to the top of the laboratory. Children in this level are aged 12-15, which means they have the ability to use complex thinking to guide their learning. We recommend keeping those skills sharp by spending forty minutes in lab simulations, twice a day, three times per week. Our simulations will stimulate learners’ complex thinking patterns through scientific inquiry and discovery.


‘Sup? It’s nice to meet you, kiddo. I’m Bo and I’m 15. I’m in high school, and you might say I’m a nerd. I want to go to college and become an engineer. My favorite thing to do is design engineering simulations for you. I hope one day I can be an engineer for real, and use my skills to create engineering simulations.


I’m Siv! I am 15 years old! Everyone tells me I’m too serious all the time, but I don’t have for silliness! There is way too much science to discover! I am trying to get into college to be a teacher of all things science. It is my belief that if we teach kids how to conserve and recycle at a young age, we can make a huge impact on our environment! Conservation is the name of my game.