Clever scientists are sharp! They really know their way around a lab. This level is for children ages 9-11. At this age, children are very aware of their responsibility in their family and as a student. This is the age where students begin to control their educational decisions. It is recommended a clever scientist spends thirty minutes conducting lab simulations, twice a day, three times per week. Our simulations will allow children at this level to use science as a way of making sense of the natural phenomena in their world.


What’s up, kid? I’m Amari. I am 11 years old. I’m kind of a physics nerd. I love solving equations and maths too, but there is just something about Newton’s Laws that gets me excited.

MEET Astrid

Hey, hey, hey! I’m Astrid, and I am 11. I am so happy you are here to do experiments with me. Do you like learning about plants? I looooove plants. Gardening is my favorite thing to do in the summer. My favorite areas of science are genetics and Punnett squares. They’re so much fun!