These scientists have gained some experience! At ages 6-8, children are showing more independence, and they are thinking about the future. These children will benefit from conducting lab simulations because it will make them consider careers in science. These students will be able to apply the concepts we learn to make the world a better place. We recommend rookie scientists spend thirty minutes in the lab, twice a day, three times per week. Sigma Phi Labs will encourage children to work independently and explore science careers at a young age.

MEET Chika

I’m Chika! I am 8 years old, and I am an aspiring engineer. My hobbies include skateboarding and rollerblading. I love anything active or being outside and exploring our world. You’ll most likely find me outside diggin’ in the dirt. I’m here to help out, so give me a shout if you need me!


My name’s Kyra! I am 8 years old, and I really want to be an oceanographer when I get older. I love earth and ocean scientists. I just think the ocean is beautiful. Don’t even get me started on coral reefs! Marine life is what I like to learn about in the lab too, so if you need help in any lab, let me know… but especially on floor four.