These scientists are new to Sigma Phi Labs. They are learning the ropes and eager to complete tasks! These scientists are aged 3-5, and they are curious about the world around them. We recommend these scientists spend at least twenty-five minutes completing lab simulations, twice a day, twice a week. Giving children this age a chance to explore their curiosity will expand their natural curiosity and foster it throughout their childhood. Students need experience with hands-on learning activities from a young age so they are comfortable with them throughout their educational career.


Hi there! I’m Logan! I am five years old, and my parents are scientists. I guess I like being in the lab so much because I pretty much grew up in one! I am here to help you out along the way as you navigate your way through Sigma Phi Labs. I like to get my hands dirty, so I am looking forward to conducting experiments with you!.


Hey, I’m Zuri! I’m 5 years old and I am best friends with Logan. We pretty much do everything together. I have been around science experiments my whole life because I hang out with Logan, and his parents are scientists. I really want to be a scientist when I grow up, so I am ready to help you out in the lab! Let’s do this!